HAITI73.COM Pay as you go Agency Marketing Curation


  • Curate artists in collaboration with O.M.P.E
  • Coordinate the setting up of the exhibition
  • Produce the marketing
  • Secure the sponsors and partner

"Best of London" is the brain child of Agnes Cazin in collaboration with O.M.P.E, bored of the usual feature about London I wanted to introduce the work of British based artist who are less talked about but not less talented and who actually make London a great and exciting city in term of art or creativity.

"Best of London" is a mix of fine art and graphic design, it consist on 1 artist, 1 t-shirt, 1print, what sets it apart is that it is an open brief for the artist to use the t-shirt as it canvas, a limited edition, this collection aimed to promote the London based talent of tomorrow with the ethic of the future: Fair trade and organic products with style.




Best of London. Best of London at Gallery Oberkampf Paris featuring: O.M.P.E,
Blaize Simon,
Dan Witchell,
Hassan Hajjaj,
Malika Favre. O.M.P.E,
Blaize Simon,
Dan Witchell,
Hassan Hajjaj,
Malika Favre

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